Dr Benon Wanume

Prof Florence Mirembe
March 1, 2020

Dr Benon Wanume

This is to inform the general public that DR. BENON WANUME is NOT our staff, whoever is dealing with him on matters concerning SAfRI does so at their own risk.

All communication from SAfRI must go through our communication channels ie email(info@safri.ac.ug), website (https://www.safri.ac.ug/), facebook (SANYU Africa Research Institute-SAfRI) and all our social media accounts.

Please be warned that we don’t use personalized email addresses for official communication.

The public is here by informed that Dr. Benon Wanume has never been Executive Director SAfRI. He’s a fraudster.

James Ditai
Executive Director
Sanyu Africa Research Institute

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